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Solid Rock Answers about Melee Diamonds

Q: I have a very light pink center stone, how can I enhance the color?

A: Subtle contrast is the two word answer. However to elaborate, ideally a light pink center stone should be set into a rose gold setting with a layer of shiny rose gold underneath it. Next surround the center stone with fancy pink melee diamonds, their reflection will make the center stone look much more saturated. In this way it is possible to make a fancy light stone look like a fancy intense stone.

The same applies for a fancy yellow color diamond, set it in a yellow gold setting with yellow melee diamonds.

Q: Can I buy a stone already set in a ring?

A: Yes in the one word answer, but no you should not is the best advice. When the stone is set in a jewel the color is inaccurate and you cannot see the real color of the stone. This is one of the reasons why a diamond, especially a fancy color diamond, should always be bought loose, not set in a jewel.

Q: How can I make sure that the fancy color melee diamonds I purchase are natural?

A: Color enhanced melee diamonds generally look very obviously not authentic. The color of the stones is a bit off and not natural looking. This is especially so with the blue and the green diamonds.

Q: Whenever I think of melees I always associate it with enormous quantities of small stones, is this true?

A: Absolutely not! Although most of the polished diamonds are in fact melees in the strict sense, they are broken down into smaller parcels during the selling process. We at Denir Diamonds offer the opportunity for the client to buy any quantity he requires. This allows for a better selection both in regard to color and quality and the client is not left with dead stock.

Q: Till today I never bought melees because I have always needed my "specials" in a hurry, am I justified?

A: I am laughing at your unjustified worries. In fact the opposite is true when you are looking for one stone, the chance of finding exactly what you think you need is less than when you are buying a parcel of stones because you are not so limited, you are looking for effect and not an item.

Q: Is the quality of melees inferior when comparing the same grade with a larger stone?

A: Another fictitious myth that people believe. Every graded diamond even down to the half-pointer (0.005 ct) has the same number of facets and proportions as the equivalent graded stone in a one carat size or more. To adapt Romeo & Juliet, "that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." A diamond in any size has all the beauty which makes it forever.

Q: When I buy one stone, I do not need to match it with many other stones but if I buy melees they all have to be of the same color and grade, is this not harder to find?

A: The answer is just a question of mathematics; let's say you need twenty small stones, this quantity is minimal compared to the amount that is available in the market at any one time. Denir Diamonds do most of the work for you and will probably offer you forty from which you can pick the best to suit your individual requirements. The effect of these would be that they are all identical. On the other hand if you had one large stone, for example a 1 carat F VS1 and you needed a perfect match for a pair of earrings, the task will be very difficult especially as you need not only the same quality grade but also fluorescence and a cut of the same exact proportions, it would probably be easier to cut a new stone than to match your existing one.

Q: I have heard that often in a large parcel there are many stones that are broken or chipped, how does this affect the cost price per carat?

A: Have you ever bought a second–hand car? There are those that have done so and ended up with a fantastic bargain and even proud to take their girl-friend out with it. There are those that ended up with a hopeless wreck that was a constant drain on their finances. The answer is it depends on who you buy from. Like the car-salesman there are companies that want you to return and remain their customer and there is the one time wheeler-dealer that is not interested in seeing you again. Our customers at Denir Diamonds come back time and time again and in most cases become personal friends. We will let you make your own deductions.

Q: What's the difference between melee colorless diamonds and melee natural fancy colored diamonds?

A: Everything I have answered you above applies to colored diamonds as well except that the advantages of melee coloreds, whether we are referring to fancy pink melee diamonds or fancy yellow melees are that much more. The effect of color in any jewelry adds much more to the romance of the piece and emotions are always expressed in color. When this color is made up of many diamonds each with its own life and sparkle a unique emotion is created making the jewel irresistible.

Melees turn diamonds into jewels and Denir Diamonds will make the best better.

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