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Melee Diamonds

The term “melee diamond” when applied to a stone means a selection of small cut polished diamonds usually from the smallest half pointers to 0.18 carats but even this size limit is only a generalization. The actual word melee comes from the French mêlé which means literally “mixed,” but the effect is very far from mixed in answer to the question, "what are melee diamonds?"

There is a word in the English dictionary "melee" which without reference to melee diamonds means “a large noisy uncontrolled crowd, in which people are moving in different directions and sometimes fighting with each other.” This is the opposite of the “diamond melee” because as a group of small diamonds when set together, create an amazing display of light, accentuating the jewel and adding beauty to the wearer. This is even more so, if these stones are fancy color melee diamonds.

The range of size that these diamonds are found in means that they account for the majority of all polished diamonds and even the smallest of them are cut and polished in the same way as large stones. Every diamond has an inner secret and this is only revealed with the mysterious and scientific art of cutting and polishing. These aspects create the beauty we referred to earlier. A solitaire diamond has its own unique beauty and the jewel that it is set in will want to show this to the maximum effect. Melee diamonds allow a romantic relationship to take place between the item of jewelry and the gemstone. A relatively small surface of gold allows numerous small stones to be set, and as each of them has its own reflection, sparkle and dazzle, as a group each playing against the other they form a flirtatious sea of diamond seduction.

Add color to this gorgeous recipe with small pink diamonds or small yellow diamonds and an admiring smile of satisfaction appears on the face of the jeweler, wearer and beholder that are connected to this jewel. Melee diamond prices make this smile even wider with a simple and obvious formula. Prices of diamonds of any particular quality are based on carat weight and increase per unit with the size, for example a 0.20 ct. is more than double the price of the same version weighing 0.10 ct.

A hundred melee diamonds weighing each 0.01 ct. will be a fraction of the price of a one carat stone and of course create a greater effect and cover a larger area and this makes melee diamond prices even more attractive.

We will be looking in detail at how the diamond melee wholesale market works and the excitement in trading with melee lots. We shall also examine how these diamonds are sorted according to size and in the case of fancy yellow melees and fancy pink melee diamonds according to color.

We will show you why you should never pass up an opportunity when you see melee diamonds for sale and let you into some “melee secrets” too.

In the meantime you can be totally relaxed and feel comfortable with Denir Diamond's melee service not only with white goods but also with yellow melee diamonds or fancy pink lots.

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