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Intoxicating orange diamonds

Stimulate the senses, feel the warmth and energy of this intoxicating orange natural color diamond collection. The hues and tones that we have available in these stones evoke the fun and inspiration of yellow and the fire and sensuality of red.
The power of sunlight and the vitality of the diamond will accompany the wearer in every situation.
A large collection for sale in a wide array of exciting shapes and with a price range for every pocket will guarantee success that you will find "your" stone.

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Natural Orange Diamonds are exciting and full of life and this second color of the rainbow represents the fun and creativity found in natural yellow diamonds and the sensuality of rare natural red diamonds.

The complimentary color of orange is azure blue and like the sun that shines out of the blue sky the wearer of one of these exceptional stones will stand out as a person instilling creativity and success.

A hue of perfect orange with a high tone and saturation is extremely rare and most collectors have never seen a Fancy Intense Orange or Fancy Vivid Orange. Mixed with other hues such as yellow or brown or even pink offer an incredible range of colors, here are just some of the available hues and tones:

Fancy Light Orange, Fancy Orange, Fancy Yellow Orange, Fancy Intense Yellow Orange, Fancy Brown Orange, Fancy Pink Orange, Fancy Intense Pink Orange, Fancy Deep Orange, Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange, Fancy Vivid Pink Orange

As with all our colored diamond collections, we have many cuts and shapes, including Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Pear and of course Round Brilliant natural fancy orange diamonds; all in a variety of sizes and carat weights.

Found in Australia and South Africa, it is not exactly known what change in the lattice of the diamond structure causes the color orange and as there are not very many specimens to examine, the origin becomes even more of a mystery.

One of the most famous orange diamonds is the breathtaking Pumpkin Diamond the intense color of which makes it stand out from all the other orange diamonds that ever existed. It is certified by the “Gemological Institute of America” as the world’s largest “Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond” and was found in South Africa in 1997. The cutting and polishing was done by William Goldberg who set the diamond for auction at Sotheby’s. The “House of Harry Winston” bought the still unnamed diamond for $1.3 million and it was named “Pumpkin Diamond” because Winston had bought the orange colored diamond on the day before Halloween.

The cushion cut Pumpkin Diamond weighs 5.54 carats and is set in a ring with two white smaller diamonds on each side. This fascinating ring was worn by the “Best Actress” Academy Award winner Halle Berry on the night of the ceremony in 2003. It was exhibited at the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition and the current value of the diamond is $3 million.

All this proves that a natural orange diamond is the ideal choice for diamond jewelry creating an item that is cool, stylish and chic with the bonus of an excellent investment.

We have for sale Burnt Orange, Tangerine Orange, Flame Orange, Amber Orange, Copper Orange and Golden Orange colored natural orange diamonds in our exotic diamond collection; view our collection now whether you want to buy for an investment or just to wear these remarkable stones.

Photo Credits: GIA

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