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Colored And Colorless Diamonds: Which Is More Valuable?

Classic Clear White or Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Compare the purity and tranquility of snow to the colorful magic of a rainbow and we may have a better understanding of the two types of diamonds. To every person a diamond has a different meaning, there is the future and expectations of a bride who sees love encompassed in the gem given to her by the man who is about to share his life with her. There is the confirmation that 'yes it was all worth it' by the couple celebrating years of marriage. There is the proof that every diamond is different by the collector who has found another similar stone yet quite unique. There is the satisfaction of the investor that knows his money is safe and the promise of a good return.

Regardless of the reason, there is one common factor, 'a treasure to be cherished'. 

There are two main categories of gem quality diamonds the classic clear white diamonds and the natural fancy colored diamonds and is relevant to know which of the two is the more valuable.


The Famous Four C's of Diamond Values

As diamonds come in any size, shape, color or quality that you can imagine, the industry developed a system to classify diamonds known as the four C's in order to create some conformity across the world. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have defined grading terminology to specific standards which is perhaps the most widely accepted classification worldwide.

colored and colorless


Color: a pure diamond without any other chemical presence is white and clear. In these conditions the maximum amount of light will be able to pass through the stone and cause a more prominent refraction than a tinted stone. The GIA grade colors from D the finest white down to Z a tinted yellow.  

         ·            D until F; are different grades of white or colorless

         ·            G till J; are termed nearly colorless

         ·            K till M; faint yellow

         ·            N till Z; very light and light yellows.

This grading is true in natural daylight or its equivalent and of course interiors with artificial light might exhibit different colors on the same diamond. Natural fancy colored diamonds are off this scale and their colors include varying hues of blue, pink and red, yellow, green, orange and brown, or any combination of them, these colors being rarer are obviously more valuable than their colorless equivalents.


Clarity: employs a scale to determine the inclusions and approximate place of them within a stone. This scale ranges from;

  •          Flawless FL; where there are internal or external blemishes,
  •          Internally flawless (IF); meaning no internal flaws through
  •          Very,Very slightly included (VVS); inclusions that are difficult to see with 10X magnification
  •          Very slightly included (VS); inclusions that are easy to with 10X magnification to
  •          Slightly included (SI); noticeable inclusions, with sub-divisions within these grades.
  •          There are lower qualities included (I1,I2); where the inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

Any inclusion whether they are white or black will interfere with the rays of light passing through the stone and the higher the grade the less interference. Clarity grades apply equally to natural fancy colored diamonds, however here the emphasis is more on the color.


Cut: A most important factor because the mathematics of a perfect cut will ensure that the physical properties of the diamond will refract and reflect the maximum amount of light giving it that romantic sparkle. Even a D color diamond that is internally flawless IF will have less 'life' if the cut fails to bring out the hidden nuances that lie within the stone. The cut is the only one of the C's that is man-made, all of the other attributes are naturally found within the diamond. It is the human factor that creates the beauty of the diamond. Natural fancy colored diamonds need skillful cuts to accentuate their unique shades and hues which give that special magic.


Carat: Is a weight unit used for gemstones, five carats is equivalent to one gram and the origin of the word comes from the seeds of the carob tree; one carat is divided into 100 points and so a half carat stone is written as 0.50 ct. Size does play a significant factor in determining the final price.


The symmetry, purity and sparkling fire represented by diamonds has always had a place in the heart of people who understand beauty. Natural fancy colored diamonds certainly do not detract from this fact; rather they add a magic ingredient to this incredible gemstone, an ingredient of emotion and empathy, an ingredient of value and promise, and an ingredient of rarity and luxury. There is no doubt that color comes out on top of the clear white colorless.

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