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The Passion of Melees

Everyone knows that we live in a harsh world of contrasts, there is no day without night, no heat without cold and there is no love without hate. But there is a better alternative to contrasts, we call it enhancement and then we can match day with twilight, heat with warmth and love with passion and a solitaire diamond with melee diamonds.

A diamond is named the king of gemstones not without reason; its hardness and light refractive qualities and its versatility make it perhaps the most sought after gem. As much as the emperor is ridiculous without clothes and as much as a beautiful woman has to be dressed gorgeously, so too a diamond has to be set impeccably in the right jewel. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ~ Coco Chanel. Welcome to the world of melees, only diamonds can make the best better.

A fancy color yellow diamond or pink diamond will always look stunning in an 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold setting but when this is accentuated with melee diamonds of a complementary color, the overpowering sparkle and fire put the jewel into a class of its own.

Melee diamonds can come in parcels of even as much as 1,000 carats; this of course makes sizing and grading a major operation. Denir Diamonds offers a complete service in a selection of sizes that offers new possibilities giving you the edge over your competition. The color range is equally impressive, apart from white melees in differing clarities and black melees, Fancy Light Pink Diamond Melee, Fancy Pink Diamond Melee are available as well as Fancy Vivid Yellow Melee Diamonds, Fancy Light Yellow Melees and Canary Yellow Melee Diamonds, and all in sizes that allow you to enjoy life.

Get dressed now in melees and turn your jewelry and diamonds into the most exquisite and glamorous pieces for the lover of beauty and the dedicated followers of fashion equally.

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