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About Denir Diamonds

Colored diamonds sold by Denir reach us from different sources in Israel and throughout the world allowing us to present to our clients a large variety of colors and to fulfill special requirements that reach us from our regular customers.

We offer a service to a wide range of customers that have amongst them celebrities, collectors, investors, dealers and brokers.

The advantages of working with us are based on our deep knowledge of the commercial diamond market permitting us to find colored diamonds and supply them to our clientele at attractive competitive prices and on many occasions even before the diamond has been offered on the open market.

Diamond exchange buildings - denir diamonds location

Why us?

Reasons for working with Denir Diamonds Ltd.


Our offices offer you a place of work in a relaxed, friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Our office that will be your office gives you the advantage of sitting in the Israel Diamond Bourse with access to a vast variety of stones as well as direct contact to all worldwide major bourses.
Our expert team will guide you and ensure that you will receive the best possible advice for any diamond requirement, including information on current trends and fluctuations in today’s global marketplace.
Our business infrastructure, experience and unique connections enable us to obtain on your behalf rare stones from the source not seen on the open market.
Our administrative staff will handle all aspects of any diamond purchase from the beginning of the deal until delivery at your door.
We will take care of all international transport logistics and import regulations.

Our professional team is at your service to arrange all personal travel and accommodation needs and any specific individual requirements.

For rare and important stones and as part of our goodwill we offer a special service that allows inspection of the diamond at any of the worldwide offices of Malca Amit before completing the purchase.

Our professional team at Denir Diamonds.

The team includes professional gemologists and fancy color diamond experts to give you the highest quality service available.

Michael Aghbashoff, Denir President

Meet our president Michael Aghbashoff, certified gemologist, graduate of the Prestigious Parsons Institute of Design, expert of fancy color diamonds with over 50 years of practical experience. Blending his leadership qualities with a warm and friendly personality enables him to connect easily and create lasting friendships.

Michael Aghbashoff, Denir President

Rebecca, Michael's charming wife is our PR. She is a certified gemologist and fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. Her joie de vivre is contagious; she leaves a lasting impression on those who meet her.

Natanel Gadoyev, Sales Manager

Get to know Netanel Gadoyev, our expert gemologist, sales manager and Michael's right hand.  He speaks Hebrew, English and Russian. His expertise with fancy color diamonds enables him to spot a great stone doubtlessly. His earnestness and devotion makes him the guy to trust with your diamond queries. 

Diamond exchange buildings - denir diamonds location

Get acquainted with Sara, our executive secretary.  She is fluent in several languages like Hebrew, English and German. Accurate to a tee, she is the one to rely on for all paperwork related to sales and purchases.

Last but not least we have Debby. Call or email her for all questions regarding the website and general online queries. As she is fluent in English, Hebrew, Dutch and French contacting her should not be an issue.

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