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Why Invest Through Denir Diamonds

The diamond market has seen sizeable growth as demand grows and supply falls. Fancy colored diamonds are a staple of the diamond market. Available in every color of the rainbow, diamonds aren’t just brilliant white frostings these days; they are an expression of passion available in stunning shades and offering sensuous richness.

The Power of Color

Fancy colored diamonds embody one of the most profitable and fortified investments on the market today. The demand for diamonds stretches back centuries. Precious gems and metals were sought after by kings and nobility and still are by modern day would-be-grooms. The power of color in today’s diamond market is not to be underestimated.

Colored diamonds are available in a rainbow array of romantic and even wellbeing related hues. For example, did you know that there is a color good for the heart? The brain associates green with relaxation and calm. Green tinted diamonds can create a sensation of wellbeing and even confidence. Yellow tinted diamonds stimulate a feeling of optimism and energy. Red and pink colored diamonds reflect fiery passion and excitement. Blue projects a sensation of forever.

Denir engages in the sale of these uniquely powerful and naturally colored diamonds. Investing through Denir Diamonds is the best choice as they understand quality, and are experts in the fancy diamond market especially being second generation dealers.

Investing through denir

The Commercial Diamond Market Demands Expertise

Today’s diamond market is highly competitive, particularly due to the current supply and demand situation. Denir services a diverse range of customers including investors, collectors, dealers, brokers, and even celebrities. Their expansive knowledge of and firsthand experience in the commercial diamond market gives their investors a marked advantage.

Gem quality diamonds are exceedingly rare. In fact, only 20 percent of all mined diamonds offer gem quality, and of these 20 percent, only 1 in 10,000 are classified as ‘fancy colored diamonds.’ Denir operates on a global scale, tapping into worldwide sources. As a result, they are aptly able to present their clients with a diverse and large variety of Natural Fancy Colored diamonds. They are also exceptionally capable of meeting special requests for unique orders. Denir knows where to find natural Fancy Colored diamonds and present them to their clientele at competitive prices, often even before the diamond has been openly offered on the market!

Some Noteworthy Advantages of Investing With Denir

Your goal as a smart investor is to secure a worthy investment. Worthy investments produce return, and although they often present a certain amount of risk to the investor, the prudent venture capitalist knows to pick the investment that offers strong return with limited liability. Choosing a worthy investment through Denir Diamonds affords four noteworthy advantages:

  1.       Expert Inspection: All colored diamonds pass an expert inspection by an experienced gemologist. Quality is ascertained before the gems are ever presented to you.
  2.       Guaranteed Authenticity: Our highly trained, professional team works in your best interests by actively accompanying the entire process of issuing international gem certificates from the most authoritative laboratory (GIA). As a result, the diamonds you purchase are guaranteed natural, never treated nor synthetic.
  3.       Money Back Guarantee: Denir operates under a no questioned asked money back guarantee. For up to 30 days after purchase, the product may be returned without any provided reason of cancellation. Clients are only obligated to cover shipping and handling chargers and the cost(s) associated with verifying the authenticity of the returned gem(s) against the sold item(s).

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