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Investing in Pink Diamonds and the Hunt for the Pink Panther

Just the mention of the Pink Panther, invokes the memory of the whimsical comedy film starring the French inspector Clouseau who is investigating a theft of a famous diamond known as the Pink Panther, so called because of the flaw in the centre resembling a pink panther.

Colored diamonds are rare; only 1 in every 10,000 of gem quality diamonds are classified as natural fancy colored diamonds and of these, pink is even a rarer color. Most of the pink diamonds in the world come from the Argyle mine in Australia and that mine will soon be exhausted. (It is planned to close in 2018). Other old mines are also scheduled to be closed and there are no plans for a significant amount of new mines. The ever growing demand ensures excellent the investment prospects.
Argyle pinks perhaps show even a more secure and promising investment as these gems are considered to be elite. Mainly because the world's top and sophisticated collectors are constantly in search of these "pink panthers." The color of Argyles are of a more intense pink and as the mine's life expectancy is limited all add to their demand. Once the mine does close it is expected that the value of these stones will jump considerably and it is most likely that there will be an overnight frenzy. 

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