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About Fancy Color Diamonds

Life has two sides, in one we see nature, the exactitude of all the planets and stars in form and motion, the precision and accuracy of chemistry and physics, in all of which we never cease to be amazed and astounded; yet how dull this is without the other side of life, the world of emotion, feelings, aspiration and love. We as men and women fuse these two sides together and create a wonderful world.

The expression of this fusion is colour, bees need it to make honey, birds use it to populate, butterflies live by it, it has healing properties and spiritual forces, we use it to attract and show who we are and what we feel.

The diamond, the king of gemstones and with its perfect symmetrical structure makes it the most sparkling gem and the hardest known substance, no other stone says “I love you” as much as a diamond. Some of them by the miracle of nature come as fancy natural colored diamonds and take the diamond into another dimension. As these colours come in every shade, hue and intensity, we at Denir with our large collection of colored diamonds have just the right stone available for you to express your innermost feelings.

The color in diamonds is often caused by a change in the molecular structure or by the addition of another element creating a wonderful world stretching from exotic blues, passionate pinks and mysterious purples to inspirational yellows, stimulating oranges and soothing greens. They can be a solitary color or combined with a secondary hue opening up a infinite possibility of colours and emotions.

They are usually graded according to the intensity of the color as follows Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Vivid. 

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