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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds exist in all the colours of the rainbow. They are available in stunning shades of romantic, passionate red, sensuous, exciting pink, and even eternal, sensational blue. The rich autumn golden shades of orange are gorgeous, and yellow diamonds instil optimism and energy, as well as ignite creative thoughts. There are even colours that are good for your heart, as green diamonds are relaxing, soothing and create a feeling of wellbeing and confidence.

There are two sides to the beauty of life, in one we see the precision of nature, the accuracy of the planets and stars, and the exactitude of physics whilst in the other rests the world of emotion, feelings, aspiration and love. Men and women blend these two sides together and create a wonderful world.

The Diamond, that king of gemstones with its perfect symmetrical structure, the most magical and sparkling gem and the hardest known substance reflects this accuracy. Fancy coloured diamonds echo the emotional side, these are the same colours that bees use to make honey, birds use to populate, butterflies live by, and we men and women use to attract and show who we are and to express our innermost feelings.

Gem diamonds are rare, only 20% of all mined diamonds are of gem quality and of these only about 1 in 10,000 are classified as fancy coloured diamonds.

It is no surprise therefore that fancy coloured diamonds are unquestionably one of the best forms of investment. They are portable with a worldwide market and their value has been doubling every three to five years.

Denir’s fancy coloured diamond assortment covers all of these colours in every shade, hue and intensity satisfying every individual need and whether you are an investor, collector, jeweller or just someone who loves these amazing gems, we have the right stone for your requirements.

Denir Diamonds is the address for all fancy coloured diamonds and as much as these gem stone diamonds are unique and special, so is the service and range of diamonds that Denir has to offer.

This is a site that if you appreciate the beauty of life, you will be a dedicated visitor – Welcome to the Wonderful World of Denir's Fancy Coloured Diamonds.



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